1967-1972 chevy truck decode vin


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There are so very, very many to choose from

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How to Run the Numbers on a Chevrolet/GMC Truck

Posting Rules. LinkBack URL. About LinkBacks. However, as mentioned above, also represented a sea-change in the corporate thinking at Chevrolet when it made a strong play to convince truck buyers that they could outfit their beasts of burden with the kind of comforts required to use them as daily transportation.

Colors were also sufficiently rainbow-like: 15 different choices in the first year alone, 20 in the second, and nearly 30 in the third, not including two-tone schemes and various sticker packages. Drawing the most dollars are the short bed variants of the pickup, which are the rarest models from a sales mix that accented longer, task-focused cargo beds.

It's a state of affairs that has also spawned a number of imitators. There are so many options now for replacing chassis components, that it all depends on what the end goal is for the owner.

This where things start to get murky, at least from the perspective of originality. In fact, there's a guy in my neighborhood who pulls a cement pumper behind his C10 to work and back every day. He bought it new, and it's the only truck he's ever owned for his business. Stay with us if you can:.

Pretty Hannah explains how to Decode or Decipher a VIN Number

It's also helpful to understand what, exactly, we mean when we talk about long and short box trucks. Buyers could choose between wood and steel bed bottoms both painted body color. Wood kits are readily available, which makes it easy to transform a steel bed, too. In terms of gear, you can think of them essentially in that order in terms of how many niceties and features were included. A quick rule of thumb is that originally, stepside trucks being the base model , tended towards the low end of the feature spectrum, as they were typically ordered by fleet managers.

It is not something you should get too hung up on when buying, as it's better to purchase a truck that has the equipment you want rather obsessing over what it left the factory with. That options sticker will also include the truck's VIN, which is of course intended to match what's on the door plate located on the driver's door jamb. But again, if it doesn't, it's not a major problem if the rest of the truck is what you are looking for.

There's also a partial VIN on the upper driver's side frame rail near the transmission, and the last few numbers should echo what's on the VIN plate.

  • 1981-1989 GMC & Chevy Truck VIN Decoder.
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This one's not easy to inspect—you might have to remove the cab to get at it—but if there's no VIN plate anywhere else, and you need one to get your truck registered, matching the frame to the existing title could be enough to push you over the edge into legality at your local DMV.

One more spot where the VIN shows up is the Protect O Plate POP , a metal data plate included on the final page of the original warranty booklet that was used to emboss claims through GM's Addressograph device at the dealership. Where you won't find a VIN? On the engine block, which only includes an ID number telling you what type of motor you're looking at, and when it was built the same is true of the transmission and rear differential.

Chevy Truck | Vehicle Identification Number

The VIN can definitely tell you a few things about the truck, of course. Each starts with two letters, then five numbers, then a five-digit unique identifier. The next letter determines how many cylinders the truck originally had—E for 8, S for 6—while the remaining numbers describe, in this order, gross vehicle weight 2 for all half-tons , wheelbase 07 for short bed, 09 for long bed , and body style 03 for chassis cab, 04 for stepside, 34 for fleetside. Both trucks were available with cu-in and cu-in small-block V-8s.