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  1. What You Need to Fly with a Child
  2. Traveling with a Lap Child (Under the Age of 2)
  3. Medical Consideration
  4. Documentation Required for Lap Infants
  5. Quick Tip: Identification Is Needed for a Lap Child

Be sure to check the country-specific requirements prior to travel. Please note: If the name on your travel documents does not match the name on the reservation, you may be required to show additional documents such as a notarized marriage certificate. If you are traveling to an International destination, please check in at the ticket counter. We will not be liable for any charges incurred for baggage that was checked late, nor will we be liable for delivery or compensation for late checked baggage.

Citizens are not required to have passports to enter Puerto Rico; however, proof of residency or citizenship is recommended for your return. Please note: Citizens of countries other than the United States or Puerto Rico are required to have a valid passport for travel between Puerto Rico and the U.

Also, the passport must be valid for six months beyond your intended departure date. Children who are under 16 years old and U. Children who are 16 and older, and are U. The photo ID can be a passport, or their original U.

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Children over the age of 15 who are not U. The person dropping them off and picking them up will need a photo ID. Photo-copied birth certificates are not acceptable. Hospital-issued birth certificates with foot prints on the back are not recognized as legal documents. Please note: If traveling with a birth certificate and a government issued photo ID and the last name is not the same on both documents, you may be required to show additional documents such as a notarized marriage certificate.

This form will often be provided by the airline — for example, American Airlines refers to it as an Unaccompanied Minor Service Form, and needs it to be completed with the information about who is dropping off the child and who will be picking them up at the final destination. If the child is traveling alone, they may also be required to have a consent letter signed by both parents.

What You Need to Fly with a Child

Note: This may only be required for international travel. Children ages are not required to show an ID at time of check-in, however, they are always encouraged to have some sort of ID on them during travel. If your child already has a passport, at least send them with a copy of it in case of an emergency.

Children ages may be required to provide some sort of identification including one of the following:. Bottom Line: If your child will be traveling alone, it is best to send them with some sort of ID. Even better if it has their photo on it. Even though your year-old is legally an adult, they are still your little baby and you surely will want to have them prepared when they decide they want to go off on a trip with their friends.

Traveling with a Lap Child (Under the Age of 2)

Spring Break anyone? Well, now that he or she has turned 18, they are legally required to have a valid, current U. The identification must contain a clear photo, date of birth, gender, expiration date and a tamper-resistant feature for travel to or from a U. Expired documents will not be accepted. The following is a list of acceptable forms of identification for boarding a U. Hot Tip: TSA ID requirements are always changing, so if you have any concerns, it is always best to check directly on their website.

If you have an ID for your little one, bring it!

Medical Consideration

You might not need it, but it is better than being denied boarding. But, to break it down, if you are flying internationally , your child will need a passport and potentially a travel visa as well. If you are flying domestically and your baby will be flying as a lap child , you may be asked for proof at check-in that they are indeed younger than 2 years old. Of course, there are always unique circumstances which we highlighted above, but in most cases, 1 of the 3 situations listed above will cover you.

Children under the age of 18 do not need an ID to fly on domestic flights inside of the United States as long as they are traveling with an adult. If a minor is traveling alone, they will need a signed parental consent form. More information in the above article. We take your comments very seriously as they really help us to improve the site.

Documentation Required for Lap Infants

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Providing proof of the relationship between the child and parents verifies a Child Travel Consent. Separated parents should carry guardianship forms, like a Child Travel Consent form, stating that both parents agree to the child traveling in the care of one parent.

Quick Tip: Identification Is Needed for a Lap Child

A letter of consent to travel with one parent can save separated parents a great deal of trouble at the border. They should also carry a copy of the court order, separation agreement, or other legal custody documents that prove their custody arrangements. If a child has a deceased parent, you should present a copy of the death certificate alongside the travel consent letter. A little bit of planning can take away a lot of stress when traveling.

Start your Child Travel Consent Form here. The LawDepot Team consists of professional writers and editors with years of experience researching and writing about a variety of legal topics. LawDepot on October 2, Here are the three documents you need to reach your destination without any hassle. Related documents : Child Medical Consent Form Passport Children of all ages usually require a valid passport when flying to another country. Read more: Minor Travel: Preparing Your Child for a Solo Trip Proof of Relationship In addition to a passport and travel consent letter, parents should also carry proof of their relationship to their child. Posted in: Family Tagged in: child travel consent , parent , parental permission. Posted by LawDepot The LawDepot Team consists of professional writers and editors with years of experience researching and writing about a variety of legal topics.

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