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  2. Police: School bus driver accused of DWI had several controlled substances in blood when arrested
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Thanks to this wonderful attorney, my husband finally stands the chance of getting back behind the driving seat sooner than we had anticipated. We will always recommend Jake unreservedly. He was very genuine and easily accessible for means of communication when I needed to talk. He helped my life become easier and more manageable after I messed up by making reckless decisions.

I highly recommend Jake because he went the distance and more to help me out with my court situation and he will do the same for you! Just really don't know how to put into words how much I appreciate the help you gave me! I felt you were not only skilled at practicing law, but also showed so much kindness and compassion for my situation. You always responded back in a very timely manner which helped to relieve a lot of the stress.

Got my license without a problem. Jake was sympathetic to my needs and explained all scenarios of my case upfront so that I understood. He kept me up-to-date with information. Best of all, we won! Simply put, Jake is the best. The stop and arrest were bad enough, but the maze of laws and requirements after the arrest were a real shock! Fortunately I hired Jake Schwartz two days after my arrest and he quickly got to work to help me retain my driver's privileges, which were never suspended. Throughout the ordeal Jake was very patient, pleasant and thorough. He always answered my questions and followed up on all issues.

Through his diligence, Jake discovered several things that were not done correctly during the arrest and BAC tests. Jake represented me and got my charges reduced without me even having to appear court. At every stage of the process Jake laid out the facts and asked me how I wanted to proceed and each time I felt like I was as well informed and as well represented as I could possibly be. A friend of mine had heard of Jake, and it was the first and only call I made. He was extremely knowledgeable about my rights and what needed to be done next.

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He gave me options, ideas, and a timeline of what to do and when to do it. Jake saved me a lot of time and allowed me to put this behind me quicker than had I tried to navigate the maze of rules and regulations by myself. Trust the testimonials and allow Jake to put your unfortunate experience behind you.

School bus driver pulled over, charged with DUI

After researching the credentials and websites of several attorneys that handle DUI cases, I selected Jake due to the vast amount of information on his website and the fact that he exclusively works in the courts where my case was being tried. Jake was able to explain everything in a clear and easygoing fashion and helped me to make informed choices about how to proceed with my case.

At all stages of my trial Jake kept me well informed, and he was able to negotiate a very favorable outcome for me. I am very glad that I chose Jake! I am a Virginia resident and was in California on vacation and had no idea how to deal with the situation that I put myself in.

After doing some research I found Jake's website and decided to give me a call for a consultation. Right from the start Jake was completely helpful with a free phone consultation which lead to me hiring him to handle my case. This was the best choice I could have made. Jake handled all of my court proceedings, kept me up to date on what was going on with my case, and managed to reach a settlement that kept me from having to travel back to California for anything.

Although I made a bad decision and put myself in a tough predicament, Jake made the entire ordeal manageable, and most importantly kept me out of jail. Thank you Jake!

What you can do after a false DWI arrest

However after searching for the right lawyer you were more than what I was looking for! You helped to make the process smooth and very clear, and without your assistance I would have been extremely less confident. With my case you helped the punishments to be the bare minimum, which was completely unexpected and gave me much relief. Your responses were persistent and quick and your answers were never short of information.

Thank you so much for all the help I couldn't have gotten the results without you! Being a pre-medical student, I initially feared that my future career goals were ruined and feared my life would irreversibly change due to the DUI. I was immediately put at ease about that worry, and the rest of the usual worries that may accompany a DUI, such as additional jail time, fines, etc It was such a relief to not have to worry about any of this myself. I really got to step aside and focus on the more important things in my life, all the while knowing that things were getting done to the best of their ability.

Given my circumstances, I feel I got off with the least amount of consequences possible. It was a great pleasure to work with you and if any of my family and friends have any issues that would require your service, I know exactly who to point them to. Thanks a lot Jake! From our first phone call to the final solution, you put me at ease each step of the way.

You made me aware of the entire process and very quickly had it resolved. Your advice was invaluable.


Police: School bus driver accused of DWI had several controlled substances in blood when arrested

I am very appreciative you were able to get my DUI charges reduced to a wet reckless and my DMV record cleared so that I still have full driving privileges and my real license. I am also grateful you appeared in court for me and I did not have the burden or stress of having to attend any court hearings.

Your professional advice and services are superlative. I am sure I will recommend you to anyone I know and highly recommend you to those I don't know!

Thanks again and again. When I met with Jake, he clearly detailed all of the complexities of the case and all of my options. It also helped to have someone representing me whom I trusted, I am not living in Sonoma County. Jake was able to work out a deal where I actually did not have to return to Sonoma, saving me an incredible amount of time and money.

Sarasota Area

To top it off, Jake is a friendly guy with a great sense of humor, which definitely helps!! I felt vey well taken care of and was kept informed at each step of the way as to what my options were and how the process would resolve itself. In addition he helped me reduce my sentence and ultimately turned a bad situation into a reasonable one for me. I would highly recommend his services. From the first phone call with Jake I was feeling better already. He made everything so smooth and easy, I don't know what I would have done without him.

I would highly recommend hiring Jake to handle your DUI case he will take very good care of you. Big thanks! I had never been involved with the legal system before and had no idea how to proceed. Jake not only answered my million questions correctly, no small thing but was a reliable and knowledgeable voice of calm and comfort all the way through this ordeal. He even made me laugh a few times!

Ciminal Defense Attorney Sarasota FL | Criminal Lawyer

Looking back, I made some mistakes, which I have paid for, but I did not make a mistake calling Jake. Thank you, Jake! I thought for sure I would have my driving privileges taken away for a fair amount of time and many more dollars owed to the court, DMV and DUI classes. In fact I was in a hurry to have my case settled and move forward with whatever the court decided was my "penance" owed to get my life back in order.

Especially given the fact this was not my first DUI case, but thank goodness for Jake's advice and expertise. This has saved me many dollars and my driving privilege was never suspended. I highly recommend Jake to represent you with any DUI case you may have to settle and be assured you will be in good hands! I was scared and afraid that I would be forced to either stay in California or have to keep making trips back here.

I found Jake's website and saw where he talked about my situation as an out-of-state resident. I then called Jake and he immediately put my greatest concerns to rest. He calmly and confidently explained how he could navigate me through the complex proceedings of a California DUI. I felt comfortable during that first call to hire Jake on the spot and put my trust in him even though I would never end up meeting him in person throughout my proceedings.

He honored that trust and never let me down. He answered all of my calls and e-mails in detail and made himself available during evenings and weekends. I never had to return to California for any of the proceedings Jake handled everything. In the end, I received the best outcome that we had hoped for.

How to Fight a False Arrest DUI to Get Thrown Out in Court

I am so grateful that I made that first call. If you are in this same situation, I urge you to call Jake. I would do it again and would recommend him to any family member or friend. The nightmare is over. Through yourself and your website it made the most difficult experience I have ever had in my life easily manageable.

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  • I thought that living in New York and having to deal with a DUI in California was going to cost me huge expenses and lots of personal time. I was really surprised that you Jake handled everything from the West coast. I was extremely happy with the outcome without ever making a trip back to California. He was incredibly organized, timely and supportive of all my questions no matter how big or how small.