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The car will not start, intermittently. When it won't start there is no spark. Share this conversation. Answered in 1 minute by:. Satisfied Customers: 3, Thanks for the question. Repair history? How many miles on car? What have you checked or done so far?

Ask Your Own Ford Question. In cranking mode all the dash lights go out. Milage - , I only checked the spark at the plug. There does not seem to be a spark. I don't think the car has ever been in the shop. Clean if needed. On this 4.

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The engine turns over fine. Is there an ignition relay that is not being activated? Let me know what you find.


Lincoln Mark VIII EDIS Ignition Control Module L | eBay

Was there any oil in the connector or sensor? If so you will need to replace the crank sensor. You may need to use a flat blade screwdriver to pop the EDIS connector. There was no oil or corrosion in the crank sensor or in the EDIS modual. Let me explain the problem a little better. If the car starts it runs fine.

Lincoln Town Car Ignition Coil

For the past month about once a week it would not start. Today, it will not start at all. Was this answer helpful? How JustAnswer works Describe your issue The assistant will guide you. Ask Fordanswerman Your Own Question. Fordanswerman is online now Get an Answer Continue. Related Ford Questions. Ihave a lincoln towncar 4. Hello, I have a Lincoln Towncar. The speedometer works fine, but the Odometer stopped working. Not shure if its related or not, just both in the dash.

I have to do a roadside repair.

Lincoln Mark VIII Ignition Coil

Replace the idle air controll valve on lincoln towncar 4. I have a lincoln towncar,it will not start turns over but will not stay running. I have a Lincoln towncar which i have periodic issues with ignition. I have a 96 Lincoln Towncar with a 4.

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Is there an electronic modulator that goes out or is the whole tranny need replacing! I have a Lincoln Towncar. It has new ignition wires and spark plugs.

What does this mean? Seems to have weak spark and no fuel pressure. Changed MAF, and crank sensors. Replaced fuel filter, fuel pump, fuel pump relay Ford Crow Victoria turns over but won't start.

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The car has gas so where do you go from here? I have a Lincoln Towncar, Signature Model, 4. My lincoln towncar engine won't turnover, I though it was the battery, we jump it many times, seems like the engine is not getting gas or not firingup, please advice! I have a Lincoln Towncar Cartier. How do you change the brake light switch or stop light switch? August 17th, , AM. Thanks for the ideas. Unfortunately I've swapped coils and so forth.

Checked compression, changed plugs, all of the above. I used to do a lot of modifications with Cobras and quite often ran into a few tricky problems but this one has me going in circles. This kind of threw me off since I thought the PCM handled all ignition parameters. It is possible that the PCM is fading away although that would be rare.

I am sure that it is spark related because I found cyl 1 and cyl 5 plugs to be slightly wet if I start the car when it is cooled down and it is missing. Once it completely warms up the plugs are dry and the car runs like a raped ape. Thanks for your help. It is possible that the PCM is fading away although that would be rare I've checked it at the rail and I also have a gauge mounted inside the car. The pressure seems to be right where it should be.

I also put the old fuel pressure regulator back on and it was about 1 lbs less in pressure. I reinstalled the new pressure regulator and left it. Seems to be just fine and the fuel filter has also just been replaced. I put a stethescope on all of the fuel injectors and they seem to be turning off and on just fine. Plugs seem to be burning a very very light tan, almost white.

This is all new to me and I'm still trying to research what the heck is really going on. I may get another PCM just to test it out and I do have the emission manual on order but won't arrive for about 6 days. See www. August 17th, , PM. August 18th, , PM.

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