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Please upgrade to the latest version of your browser. Your current region: Ontario change Select a region:. Wi-Fi Calling: call and text from more places. What is Wi-Fi Calling?

A range of great features for your business:

Where will I be able to use Wi-Fi Calling? Note: Call quality is based on the strength of the Wi-Fi connection. What do I need in order to use Wi-Fi Calling? Compatible devices G7 Play One Vision. Compatible devices P30 P30 Pro. How do I use Wi-Fi calling? How much does it cost?

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Note: Wi-Fi calling is only available within Canada. Wi-Fi calls to locations outside of Canada will incur standard long distance charges. Additional charges may apply for Internet usage. What else do I need to know? Calls must start and finish within the Wi-Fi network you connect to.

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If you leave a Wi-Fi zone during a call, the call will terminate. Similarly, if you start your call on the cellular network and enter a Wi-Fi only zone, your call will terminate. Wi-Fi Calling is not compatible with any service that requires access to your location.

For example, TAXI will not work while connected to a Wi-Fi network as it needs to know your exact location to automatically dispatch a driver.

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Emergency services cannot track your location when calling over Wi-Fi. If you are unable to communicate, they will send help to the address listed in your phone settings. Discover Skype for Business : Help the people in your company learn how to use Skype for Business features. Getting service phone numbers for Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams. Country and region availability for Audio Conferencing and Calling Plans.

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Make a phone call

High contrast. Profile Bookmarks Collections Sign out. Cloud auto attendants can be used to create a menu system for your organization that lets external and internal callers move through a menu system to locate and place or transfer calls to company users or departments in your organization. Set Call Forwarding options in Skype for Business Make or answer calls on behalf of a manager you support. Notifications make it clear to all participants when calls are being answered or made for someone else. Call forwarding and simultaneously ring These features allow you to set up forwarding rules so your calls can go with you anywhere, and you can forward calls to colleagues or to voicemail.

Find a previous conversation - Lync Keep track of all your conversations in one place, whether those conversations are from IMs, phone calls, or impromptu and scheduled meetings. Conversations are recorded in your call history.

Garena Ph Customer Service Contact Number

When you answer the next inbound call or place an outbound call, your current call goes on hold automatically. Transfer a Skype for Business call Transfers calls to another person. Or, if you need to leave your office but want to continue your conversation, you can transfer the calls from your PC or IP phone to your cell phone or tablet. Caller ID Calls from inside your company display a detailed caller ID that pulls information from your corporate directory, showing you a picture and job title instead of just a phone number.

For calls from external phone numbers, the caller ID as provided by phone service provider is displayed. If the external phone numbers are secondary numbers in your corporate directory, then the information from the corporate directory will be displayed. Create a Cloud call queue Cloud call queues include greetings that are used when someone calls in to a phone number for your organization, the ability to automatically put the calls on hold, and the ability to search for the next available call agent to handle the call while the people who call are listening to music on hold.

Tell me when someone's status changes This feature allows you to tag people who are currently unavailable and get notified when their presence changes and they're ready to take phone calls. Device switching Enables you to play your call or meeting on another device.

Change your Lync alerts Play different ringtones for the different types of calls you get every day, so you quickly know who is calling you. Change your presence status in Skype for Business Controls your inbound communications with presence, enabling you to block all incoming communication except from those you specifically indicate. Enterprise calendar call routing Enterprise calendar call routing allows you to use your Exchange calendar business hours to enable or disable call forwarding and simultaneous ringing in Skype for Business. Integrated dial-pad Dial by name or by number anywhere in the search bar and in the dial pad, speeding up the process of making outbound calls.

Use your desk phone to make a Skype for Business call When your desk phone is configured to register to Skype for Business Online with your Office credentials, you can call people in your organization using your desk phone with the audio for the call going through the phone. Skype and federated calling You can search for anyone in the Skype directory, then securely connect, communicate, and collaborate with them. Set Call Forwarding options in Skype for Business Sends your calls to your team either immediately or after a set time period.

Make and receive a video call using Skype for Business You can see the speaker's name and video stream in a small floating window, so you're always ready to respond to any questions. Check Skype for Business voicemail and options Here's how Cloud Voicemail works: When a user receives a voicemail, it is delivered to their mailbox as an email with the voicemail message as an attachment. They can also listen to their messages over their Skype certified desktop phone, all Skype for Business applications, or Lync for Mac With extension mailboxes, you can have up to 3 additional private voicemail boxes in addition to your host mailbox for different members of your household.

Extensions can be added to your service free of charge by calling BELL Note: If necessary, record the main mailbox greeting, making sure to mention each user's name and mailbox number. If you hear an intermittent dial tone and have Extension Call Answer, it means there are messages in an extension mailbox. To find out whether you have an extension mailbox message:.

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If you subscribe to Call Answer Plus or Call Answer Message Manager, you may have activated the auto-play option which automatically saves your messages. To deactivate the auto-play option:. In our ongoing efforts to improve our support section, your opinion is invaluable. Please let us know what we did well or what we can improve about this article. If you require assistance, please Contact us.

Your current region: Ontario change Select a region:. Need help? Back Back. How to use Call Answer on my Bell Home phone. What is Call Answer? Setting up Call Answer. Accessing Call Answer. Customizing Call Answer settings. Turning Call Answer on and off. Setting up an Extension Mailbox. Retrieving messages in a mailbox.

If away from home call and when prompted for your mailbox number, enter your digit home telephone number. When prompted to enter a temporary password, enter your 7-digit telephone number no area code Follow the prompts to change the temporary password to a new one.

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It should be 4 to 15 digits and cannot start with 0. Follow the prompts to record your name or telephone number as a personal identification. Follow the prompts to record a personal greeting that callers will hear or select the pre-recorded greeting. Your Call Answer is now activated. Good to know Avoid passwords that are too simple, such as or the last four digits of your phone number.

Regularly change your password to prevent unauthorized access to your voicemail. Do not disclose your password to anyone.